My days in pictures

The intention with this blog is to run it alongside my main blog Seachy Waffles On and to use it as somewhere to share my days in pictures, since accepting my disability I have found a certain degree of solace in photography, and whilst I do not pretend to be anything other than a hobby photographer it is good therapy for me and I want to share my work. When you are out and about in a wheelchair so much of the world can drift you by and sometimes it is grey and dark, other days I am full of light. Whatever my mood though I have learnt through photography therapy that even my garden is full of beauty. It just depends how you look at the world.

We all have a story to tell, mine, well I was injured in a car accident nearly 15 years ago and my spine is damaged beyond repair with current work. My pain is controlled by a mixture of Methadone, Pregabalin, Diazepam, Amytriptaline and Paracetemol, subsidised with anti inflammatories, a Tens Machine and Freeze Gel. Luckily I have a loving and supportive family who help me out, help me look after my children and the house whilst my wife works to support all the expensive equipment I require. Since accepting my disability and mobility aids between them and very good friends (who I consider to be family too) they manage to keep the dark clouds out of my head more regularly than before, when I used to tell them everything was fine even when it wasn’t.

I hope if the blog takes off I will be able to share work from others who have their own stories to share, be it disability, mental ill health, a learning difficulty or disability or just recovering from a loss. I am glad to say that photography helps my cabin fever, even if the world is drifting by without me in it I can still capture beauty in the clouds, skies and seasons as they drift by. The one thing I would ask is if you see an image you like please respect the copyright of the author and either get their permission before sharing or paying them before reproducing it, if they so ask.


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