June 16th 2016 – Cometh the hour

Cometh the man……………….. In the most eagerly awaited group match in many years, today was all about England v Wales. An inappropriate 2pm Kick Off meant I was sat home alone with my LG’s clackers cheering on England. Hopefully our neighbours were not too upset at my appalling but emotional rendition of “God Save The Queen” that I bellowed out, along with several shouts and oohs and aaahs. I think I kicked every ball and cursed several players, whilst having banter with others on social media.

5 days ago it was heartache in the 93rd Minute as Russia struck an undeserved equaliser and broke English hearts. Today it was St George’s turn to slay the Dragon. Having been goaded during the week over the amount of pride and passion our players possess England responded with a nervy display but one with plenty of passion. Having gone behind to a long range free kick that I could have saved wheeling across the bog of Ketts Park with one arm tied behind my chair one would be forgiven for feeling like worried like Mr Hodgson;

Roy Hodgson looking perplexed like a “Punk IPA”

The only answer was for me to break out the Brewdog Punk IPA, a new drink that suckered me in to buying it with its sleek looking can and funky animal safe top instead of the plastic rings we regularly see caught around wildlife. For only the 2nd or 3rd time this year I had a beer at home. My nerves warranted it, and fortunately a mix of good substitutions, sustained pressure and cheering so loudly my back hurt we got a victory that I may gloat about a little over the coming days with certain friends.


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