Partners – The ladies in my life

This weeks weekly photo challenge is Partners . In my life my strong family unit are my partners, this is my wife, son and daughter. With our son being 19 we rarely see him on family days out now as he is working full time (very proud of him) and spends his free time with his GF as we all did at that age. This means the days out tend to be with the beautiful ladies in my life. Not only is my wife my best friend and carer she also knows me better than I know myself sometimes. She works a very stressful job and looks after us all and I don’t always appreciate enough the strain she is under when my pain makes my mood unbearable and my body unable to do anything. What makes me really happy though is seeing her relax, unwind and de-stress, and she does this best when we escape home and just laugh, play and be silly. It is perhaps no surprise that our LG is a real mix of the both of us and hopefully this will set her in good standing for starting nursery school in a few months. In the meantime we are making the most of our family time together. So I leave you with my partners in crime;


12 thoughts on “Partners – The ladies in my life

    1. She certainly is, we went to school together met again at a reunion 7 years later and the rest as they say is history. We’ve had tough times but they make you stronger, and you know if they are the right one.

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      1. I had a car accident over a decade ago and my disability is gradually degrading over time. I have had several interventions with the hospital but there is little more they can do without too greater risk. Have been using the chair for years but most of the time the last 3 years now, although I can do very short distances painfully using crutches so I keep doing it to prevent muscle wastage. It’s painful but worth it (I’m a little pigheaded according to my consultant) hehe I don’t know what he means!


      2. This is not a comment to “like”. I have a friend who is in the same boat,but his was a fluke fall in the shower when he was in his 20’s that left him paralyzed. He served in Vietnam and then a shower fall takes him down. It has to be very hard at times, I’m sure.
        Well, keep blogging and sharing!


      3. I am sure your friend will understand this, I have good days when I can talk about even joke about it and learning to wheelie my wheelchair and so on. Then there are those dark days that can lead to weeks and months if I’m not careful. I used to lead a very active life ran 6-8miles every day and took a lot for granted. Then someone else flipped me and my life totally upside-down. For years I was very angry and hated life and thought others around me would be better off without me. A long process and good family and friends and now I have them, photography, blogging and most days a more positive outlook. I hope your friend’s journey is taking him to a positive place!


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