Macro Moments Week 3

The challenges are coming thick and fast and it is a good thing for me as it gets me using other functions on my camera. I have a Samsung WB1100F Bridge camera and with my disability I find carrying and using multiple lenses (many of which are too heavy for me to hold upright) very difficult however photography has become a kind of therapy for me getting me out of the bungalow or even admiring the world around me in more detail. There are many functions on the camera some automatically set to certain modes and I find this helps me no end. I would love as I become more involved with photography to user the manual settings more and set up my own images, but I know like my rehab I must take things slowly. I found Musin With Susan’s blog via Cee’s Photo blog and having used the macro setting for the first time this week though I must share at least one image in Macro Moments challenge as though fate had brought us together.

It was taken with the Samsung WB1100F 1/200sec. F/7.7 4.5mm ISO 80 (one thing I must learn, and this will show you how new I am to photography is what all that means, for now I am happy to get out in my wheelchair or mobility scooter, start pointing at things that I like and learning more as I carry on. This image is from yesterday lunchtime over a park with my family and this little spider decided to come and crawl on my legs and say hello, seemed rude not to take a snap of the little fella



3 thoughts on “Macro Moments Week 3

    1. Thank you, it has been a long journey and will continue to be so, having interests and others to inspire me helps me I hope to inspire others. The photography encourages me to get out and about and face my fear of being in public in my wheelchair or scooter and capturing the world as I see it.


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