So much to learn…………

I am trying to work my way around the many skilled photographers I am coming across on t’interweb (sorry it’s a localism as we’re in the sticks in Naaarfolk according to much of the UK) so to have access to blogs worldwide it truly is amazing, awe inspiring and slightly overwhelming. I realise I have a lot to learn about photography before I can call myself anymore than an amateur snapper who occasionally nails a lucky shot. For example I still need to learn how to add my own copyright mark on them (not that I think I have produced one others would steal but hey you never know, I might be in the right place at the right or wrong time such as the man who photographed Iron Maiden landing recently), and having a point and shoot bridge camera with some self programming function I need to learn all about the meaning of and understanding behind changing the ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. Trouble is it is difficult learning new things when I take so much pain medication. Understanding changes to, or developments in things I’ve learnt in the past is OK, learning brand new things, very, very difficult. Me thinks I need a local disabled friendly photography club as I definitely learn more through practical application than reading, I have tried many times and still do not get it! Any hints or tips on the above greatly appreciated

So it is perhaps a combination of a good eye, a seated position, good timing and a little dumb luck, along with some editing at home that I can capture images like this on days out.


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