Cee’s B & W Foto Challenge – Large Objects

This challenge had me going straight for my photos from a trip to a local Zoo, there were some images that I knew would be perfect. The first were a stroke of luck, we were at the Tiger enclosure I love big cats and have a tiger tattoo taking up a large portion of my thigh. Whilst we were there somebody arrived who was paying for the zookeeper experience and was getting to feed these magnificent creatures. It was the first time I’d seen one standing on its hind legs and I snapped several shots, the sun was not the best causing a few issues but still, as heart breaking as it is seeing them in cages, it is better than them being extinct (and one of my ink).

The other image is of my LG running towards a Giant T-Rex  that advertises a linked play area in our home county, she could quite easily sit in its mouth.

SAM_3414 (3)


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