I am married 30 something disabled dad with 2 amazing children. Part of my journey towards accepting my new life following a car accident in 2002 was blogging. Having had a successful year of blogging all sorts of waffle I was looking for an alternative project to work on. In the last year my love of photography has been reignited (having spent years locking myself away and missing out on days out and the world around me) and now when we go out as a family I am the main photographer. I did the blogging 101 course on my Seachy Waffles On blog and it was following on from a comment made by Camila on one of my images where she loved the POV I took the image from, I laughed and said being in my wheelchair most images of the world are taken looking up. Her one comment totally made me rethink my photography and suddenly I started seeing my wheelchair or mobility scooter as less of a burden and more as a portable way of viewing the world. I realised that although many places are not geared up to my way of getting about the view itself is amazing. I have decided therefore to dedicate a blog to some of my favourite shots, and if it takes off I hope to be able to share photographs from other disabled people, all who will have their own unique points of view on life!


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