7th July 2016 – Race Day

I have noticed that since I have enjoyed my photography more and shared my images with my LG that there has been a change in her recently, and she is becoming more observant of the world around her. Or maybe that’s the wrong choice of word, more appreciative may be a more accurate description. Being 3 and a half she loves everything, seeing daddy photograph everything from clouds in the sky to bees in the garden give us lots to talk about. At breakfast this morning we were sat there eating our hoops, and suddenly my LG said to me “Daddy do you think they are lining up for a race, or are they playing Tag?” I looked up and could see immediately what she meant.

As I stood up and started heading through to the lounge (we’re open plan) my LG are you getting the camera, quick they may all go. Then she started laughing as she always does when she tells me to do anything quick. My disability prevents me from doing anything quick, let alone standing up, moving to get a camera and get back into a position sat down so that the photo could be taken, and one of the ways I accept it is through humour and this is a common joke in my home. By the time I took the image about half the birds had flown away, but even still to my LG there were hundreds! It’s not the best image due to zooming through windows but it represents today very well.

SAM_2125 (2)



June 17th 2016

Dreaming of a far away land, stuck indoors for another day with the football and tennis to entertain and frustrate me in equal measure. I long to be laying here again

Ranweli Village, Sri Lanka

I managed to capture two shots today that I really like, one was a bird on my neighbours feeder the other my wife’s flowers as they open.