Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge Sculptures

I haven’t posted in a while, very tired and in a lot of pain, so everything has been a struggle. This challenge grabbed me though. We are lucky to live near a beautiful forest that has many beautiful carvings and sculptures made from wood including most of the play equipment.

Bunny Rabbit play equipment

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Rocks

The current black and white challenge is Rocks instantly one image sprung to my mind as it is on a 70cm by 50cm canvas on our wall as a reminder of our honeymoon in Sri Lanka. It is of Sigiriya Rock (or Lion’s Rock) and what some call the 8th Wonder of the World. You can climb the Rock and there is a temple at the top. Unfortunately even back then my pain and disability was such that it was not feasible for me to climb it, which was a real heartbreak at the time for me, although not my wife as she dislikes height and you climb the outside of it some 660ft and 1200 steps. I have left one photo showing the colour of the trees all around and one the colours of the rock as it is spectacular.


Following on from this I was reminded of a day trip to Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK in 2014 when we took granny (now nearly 92) out for the last day trip we managed to get her out on. I got some lovely photos of the rock formations that form part of the sea defences.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Liquid

For this weeks challenge I was really lucky to have captured an image of a penguin recently underwater that fits nicely with the Liquid theme of the Black and White Photo Challenge. In the first image I love the blue reflection of the sky so decided not to edit too much of it out, fear of disqualification though I thought I better have my 2nd image totally converted to Black & white. I hope you enjoy

Cees B&W Photo Challenge – Trees

When I saw this challenge I was doubly excited firstly because I was a featured blogger last week and secondly because the subject matter Trees came at the perfect time, having just got back from a family day out in the trees of BeWILDerwood theme park in Norfolk, England. Home to the Twiggles and the Boggles. So Today I actually took some random shots of trees. Now converted to black and white for your delight (I hope you like them more than my poetry)

SAM_3771 (3)
Through the frame into the twiggle village
SAM_3768 (3)
Twiggles tree houses

SAM_3759 (2)

SAM_3629 (3)
A little trip down the river among the trees to get to see the boggles

Cees B & W Foto Challenge – Bathrooms

I have been a little preoccupied the last few weeks with a protest saving a disabled accessible play park in my home town. It is the only one that has a large playing field with it and I have neglected my photography (I have been on the other end of the lens in the local newspapers, the Daily Mail online and on ITV Anglia News, BBC Look East and Mustard TV so I shouldn’t complain.

Having seen this challenge though I couldn’t not do it, having undergone close to a 5 figure refurbishment making my Bathroom fully wheelchair accessible, with room for future changes as my condition worsens. We’ve gone from a tiny box room, stolen space from our hall way and I love the finished product

489 (2)DSC_0197 (3)

Cees B & W Foto Challenge – Engines

This week the topic for Cees B & W Foto Challenge is Engines and with both my dad and my uncles being petrol heads there really should be no shortage of images to share. I have picked one from a hotrod under creation by my uncle Tich. The petrol head gene skipped me so I have no idea on any of the technical information but I do know it looks good.



Cee’s B & W Foto Challenge – Large Objects

This challenge had me going straight for my photos from a trip to a local Zoo, there were some images that I knew would be perfect. The first were a stroke of luck, we were at the Tiger enclosure I love big cats and have a tiger tattoo taking up a large portion of my thigh. Whilst we were there somebody arrived who was paying for the zookeeper experience and was getting to feed these magnificent creatures. It was the first time I’d seen one standing on its hind legs and I snapped several shots, the sun was not the best causing a few issues but still, as heart breaking as it is seeing them in cages, it is better than them being extinct (and one of my ink).

The other image is of my LG running towards a Giant T-Rex  that advertises a linked play area in our home county, she could quite easily sit in its mouth.

SAM_3414 (3)

A new photo

This week Cee’s Black and White Foto Challenge was to take a new photo and it just so coincided with two firsts for me this week. After years and years of traveling to the coast near me we have often gone over a bridge where you can see the sea with the tide in and out. I have very rarely seen boats on the water and have never, ever seen (well that I can remember) the bridge open to let boats through so from approximately 10 cars back and on a phone camera (why did I not have my bridge camera for the bridge I will ask myself a thousand times) I managed to capture the two images below of the tide out and the bridge up!

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – In the Distance

This weeks entry for Cee’s B & W Challenge in the Distance has been looked at time and again, changed decided on and changed again. So I’m not totally sure I am happy with it, but this is 2 photos from a recent trip to Whitlingham Broad to feed the birds.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Newquay,

What fun is Photo’s 4 Therapy if you do not join in with some of the challenges that are available all over the blogging site, I have often been a reader of Cee’s Photography blog for hints and tips but are yet to pluck up the courage (until now) to submit anything.

Cees B&W Challenge this week is Store Front Signs, and I actually remembered that many years ago I took some photo’s of a traditional Fish and Chip shop / Restaurant in the most famous seaside location in Cornwall, Newquay overlooking Fistral’s Beach

292 (2)
Jon Bouys Chippy
295 (2)
Jon Bouys Chippy