4th July 2016 – Sky Writing

First off, happy independence day to all my followers over the pond. My picture of the day comes from this morning when over breakfast my LG said to me who’s been writing up there daddy, looking up I realised she meant the cloud formations. As Yoda says “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is”

SAM_1997 (2)


Clouds Daily Challenge

The prompt on the Daily Post blog today was Clouds something that I love in my photogrophy, they really can make the most plain scene come to life and look and look amazing.I also love leaning back in my wheelchair and just picturing what is above me. Two of my favourite images recently were these two; what I love about them (beside capturing a seagull purely by chance) is the difference in the clouds, the real dark storm clouds that are brewing with the glimpses of sunlight and blue skies creeping through

SAM_0379 (2)SAM_1449