Sunday 9th October 2016

With October comes the cold weather, rain fall, wind, shorter days and everything that makes me want to crawl under the duvet and hibernate away from the world until warmer weather brings fractionally less pain.

It is however important to remember that even on those bad days there is unexpected beauty, today for example, whilst we watched Heroes in a Half Shell, Rainbow Dash did a flyby


Sunday 2nd October 2016

I spent the day yesterday with my family and some of our closest friends (or some of the select group of our friends we consider to be family). This gave me the opportunity to take some photos of some of my favourite subjects, the magnificent creatures that inhabit our planet, if only my images were as lovely as these look in real life.

14th September 2016

It has been far too long since I have had my camera out and taken photos but today a trip to a local Zoo was the ideal opportunity, my favourite animals are on my sister blog Seachy Waffles On I have decided on here to share one of my favourite images of the day. Watching the Giraffes being fed for the first time (previously the lift has been out of order) I managed to get this image of the Giraffe and their extraordinary long tongue