Cee’s odd ball photo challenge Week 39

This week my entry for Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge is courtesy of my recent visit to Colchester Zoo, walking well wheeling around the otter and flamingo enclosures I was drawn not to the animals (who were beautiful and did get photographed) but to the way some of the trees had wrapped there way through and around the walkway fencing. It must have happened over many years and to me just goes to show that if the will or desire is strong enough you can survive and get through or round or over anything. I guess it spoke to me as I have a strong will to carry on regardless of my pain and disability. It isn’t always easy, and there are days I don’t feel like I’m winning but life goes on, even around a man made obstacle.


Cees Odd Ball Photo Challenge Week 29

This week whilst sat outside watching my LG on her new slide and taking some photos I noticed that our garden statue has weathered well in recent years and looked well, see for yourself, I found myself taking the photos and editing them and at the time thinking why. I guess these challenges are slowly imprinting themselves into my mind………………

8th July 2016 – Day 2 – Street Establishing Shot

The topic for Developing Your Eye Day 2 is Establishing Shot Street I have entered a few images on this topic, one that I think I should have improved by taking a few paces or now wheels backwards, and others including a series of the London Millennium Footbridge that I haven’t looked at in years but that I am really pleased with. So since I have gone nowhere today and am feeling a little sorry for myself editing some of these images have really cheered me up, they were from our first wedding anniversary when we went to London to watch the stage production of Dirty Dancing which was amazing.  hope you like the images my favourite was

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