Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Rocks

The current black and white challenge is Rocks instantly one image sprung to my mind as it is on a 70cm by 50cm canvas on our wall as a reminder of our honeymoon in Sri Lanka. It is of Sigiriya Rock (or Lion’s Rock) and what some call the 8th Wonder of the World. You can climb the Rock and there is a temple at the top. Unfortunately even back then my pain and disability was such that it was not feasible for me to climb it, which was a real heartbreak at the time for me, although not my wife as she dislikes height and you climb the outside of it some 660ft and 1200 steps. I have left one photo showing the colour of the trees all around and one the colours of the rock as it is spectacular.


Following on from this I was reminded of a day trip to Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK in 2014 when we took granny (now nearly 92) out for the last day trip we managed to get her out on. I got some lovely photos of the rock formations that form part of the sea defences.


Cees B&W Photo Challenge – Trees

When I saw this challenge I was doubly excited firstly because I was a featured blogger last week and secondly because the subject matter Trees came at the perfect time, having just got back from a family day out in the trees of BeWILDerwood theme park in Norfolk, England. Home to the Twiggles and the Boggles. So Today I actually took some random shots of trees. Now converted to black and white for your delight (I hope you like them more than my poetry)

SAM_3771 (3)
Through the frame into the twiggle village
SAM_3768 (3)
Twiggles tree houses

SAM_3759 (2)

SAM_3629 (3)
A little trip down the river among the trees to get to see the boggles

So much to learn…………

I am trying to work my way around the many skilled photographers I am coming across on t’interweb (sorry it’s a localism as we’re in the sticks in Naaarfolk according to much of the UK) so to have access to blogs worldwide it truly is amazing, awe inspiring and slightly overwhelming. I realise I have a lot to learn about photography before I can call myself anymore than an amateur snapper who occasionally nails a lucky shot. For example I still need to learn how to add my own copyright mark on them (not that I think I have produced one others would steal but hey you never know, I might be in the right place at the right or wrong time such as the man who photographed Iron Maiden landing recently), and having a point and shoot bridge camera with some self programming function I need to learn all about the meaning of and understanding behind changing the ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. Trouble is it is difficult learning new things when I take so much pain medication. Understanding changes to, or developments in things I’ve learnt in the past is OK, learning brand new things, very, very difficult. Me thinks I need a local disabled friendly photography club as I definitely learn more through practical application than reading, I have tried many times and still do not get it! Any hints or tips on the above greatly appreciated

So it is perhaps a combination of a good eye, a seated position, good timing and a little dumb luck, along with some editing at home that I can capture images like this on days out.

7th July 2016 – Race Day

I have noticed that since I have enjoyed my photography more and shared my images with my LG that there has been a change in her recently, and she is becoming more observant of the world around her. Or maybe that’s the wrong choice of word, more appreciative may be a more accurate description. Being 3 and a half she loves everything, seeing daddy photograph everything from clouds in the sky to bees in the garden give us lots to talk about. At breakfast this morning we were sat there eating our hoops, and suddenly my LG said to me “Daddy do you think they are lining up for a race, or are they playing Tag?” I looked up and could see immediately what she meant.

As I stood up and started heading through to the lounge (we’re open plan) my LG are you getting the camera, quick they may all go. Then she started laughing as she always does when she tells me to do anything quick. My disability prevents me from doing anything quick, let alone standing up, moving to get a camera and get back into a position sat down so that the photo could be taken, and one of the ways I accept it is through humour and this is a common joke in my home. By the time I took the image about half the birds had flown away, but even still to my LG there were hundreds! It’s not the best image due to zooming through windows but it represents today very well.

SAM_2125 (2)


29th June 2016 – Tots Town Perfect for Wheelchairs

Today we took our second trip to tots town, it is a barn converted into a village for children, complete with Beauty Salon/Hairdressers, Shoe Shop, Doctors/Dentist, Cafe, Supermarket, Construction Site, Theatre, Picnic Site and Road. With everything at the right level for under 8’s it means it is fairly accessible for me in my wheelchair and perfect for a play session with my LG with lots of interaction together, unlike soft play areas where I am a bag man hoping for glimpses of her as she flies by. Today I was Batman and she was Chase (Paw Patrol) among other things. It is in my opinion perfect for play date with others and booking time slots means it never gets too overcrowded to. My picture of the day unsurprisingly comes from this morning. It is my sandwich made by my LG and her cousin B and comprised of Ham, Cheese, Ketchup, Bacon, Tomato, Cucumber, Gherkin, Onion, Egg, Turkey, Mayonnaise and a heart attack!

SAM_1971 (4)
Lunch time

22nd June 2016 A Brittish Summer

Today I took 81 photo’s on a family day out so cutting it down to my favourite image has been really tricky. There are some beautiful ones of my LG and Wife playing on the Beach, but safeguarding that we both have great fears of mean that I will not post images of them on the internet. It has helped my choice and I have decided that this is my favourite one of the day.

SAM_1901 (3)
Sailing through the mists of time…….

21st June 2016 – From a Certain Point of View my t-shirt may be considered…..

………….well rude I guess one might say, me I find it as a funny ice-breaker with people. Today’s photo is courtesy of my techno-phobic mum on my mobile phone, so not the best quality and I’ve edited out two of my partners in crime from my Access Group but it was too good an opportunity not to share with you all 🙂

DSC_0260 (2)

My days in pictures

The intention with this blog is to run it alongside my main blog Seachy Waffles On and to use it as somewhere to share my days in pictures, since accepting my disability I have found a certain degree of solace in photography, and whilst I do not pretend to be anything other than a hobby photographer it is good therapy for me and I want to share my work. When you are out and about in a wheelchair so much of the world can drift you by and sometimes it is grey and dark, other days I am full of light. Whatever my mood though I have learnt through photography therapy that even my garden is full of beauty. It just depends how you look at the world.

We all have a story to tell, mine, well I was injured in a car accident nearly 15 years ago and my spine is damaged beyond repair with current work. My pain is controlled by a mixture of Methadone, Pregabalin, Diazepam, Amytriptaline and Paracetemol, subsidised with anti inflammatories, a Tens Machine and Freeze Gel. Luckily I have a loving and supportive family who help me out, help me look after my children and the house whilst my wife works to support all the expensive equipment I require. Since accepting my disability and mobility aids between them and very good friends (who I consider to be family too) they manage to keep the dark clouds out of my head more regularly than before, when I used to tell them everything was fine even when it wasn’t.

I hope if the blog takes off I will be able to share work from others who have their own stories to share, be it disability, mental ill health, a learning difficulty or disability or just recovering from a loss. I am glad to say that photography helps my cabin fever, even if the world is drifting by without me in it I can still capture beauty in the clouds, skies and seasons as they drift by. The one thing I would ask is if you see an image you like please respect the copyright of the author and either get their permission before sharing or paying them before reproducing it, if they so ask.