CFFC – Tracks and Trains

This week Cees fun foto challenge is all about Tracks and TrainsĀ  and that is good news for me, not because I am a train spotter but because in my town I have a couple of rail tracks that are accessible from one side at least so I have managed to get together a collection of images shot recently, along with a couple from holidays in the past. I hope you enjoy them, the first are of my home town Wymondham. Some of a stretch that is in use, but unfortunately due to the bridge being the only way across it is inaccessible to me, many other members of the community including parents with kids and pushchairs. The other is of a disused stretch in one direction and the other a steam railway that goes to Dereham (again inaccessible to wheelchair users, but overtime we will change these things I’m sure.

The next two images are of Sheringham Station and the Santa Express



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Bridges

My favourite bridge in my home town is no longer accessible to me as the great gates designed to stop motorbikes also prevent wheelchairs and mobility scooters from accessing the area. It is a bridge that as a child I played in/under and swam in even playing poo sticks over top. I have trawled through my photos to try and find one alas to no avail instead my entry this week for Bridges is this little beauty at Fairhaven, they have done so much over the past few years to make the wildlife park and gardens accessible to all and have created some lovely walkways that are wide enough for mobility scooters (they have even raised money to purchase their own that you can pre book so you do not have to take your own) and also pushchairs meaning families and generations can enjoy the fun

SAM_0555 (2)

I also am sneaking in this beauty, it is also at Fairhaven but it is on the side of the house and not accessible to the public, it looks like you would get some wonderful views from it!

SAM_0551 (2)

CFFC – Walks Outdoors

Being a wheelchair and mobility scooter user this Fun Foto Challenge really got me thinking, walks indoors or outdoors, anything as long as it was a designated walkway. I have a different perspective to a lot of people when it comes to walkways. So many can be inaccessible or difficult to get across.

For me when we go out I am often at the back of the pack, and the one with the camera so just to prove I go on days out I started taking images with part of my wheelchair or mobility scooter showing. My entry for the the Walks is of this one, the most common view I have when out on walks;

The image of family and friends ahead of me as I steer my scooter and snap away

SAM_0731 (2)