Daily Post – The Devil is in the DETAILS

The Daily post’s photo challenge this week is all about the Details so having limited mobility and bending ability I have had to rely on a zoom and some editing to draw out some of the details in these shots all taken on my Samsung WBF1100 Bridge. I’d love to upgrade (I keep hinting to the boss) but household adaptations are taking precedence damn wheelchair (:-) )!

Enjoy the details in these random objects, including a Dinosaur from the Dinosaur Adventure Park yesterday.


The Daily Post Photo Challenge – Look Up

This weeks topic is Look Up and this fits nicely with a love I have of clouds and the sky, but unless like me you share that love the images will be a little boring, instead here’s some alternative entries

Migrating Birds flying in the profile of a bird (once in a lifetime shot)
SAM_1866 (2)
The Victorian ceiling inside Lowestoft Marina Theatre
Looking Up underneath the London Millennium Footbridge
The Rescue Helicopter recently coming to land near ours

The Daily Post, Weekly Photo Challenge – Opposites

The new Daily Post Weekly challenge was released yesterday and this week the theme is Opposites this has really had me scratching my head as it is such a wide topic. I have some great photo’s of contrasting skies and some from buildings with a mix of old architecture and new and then I remembered that we recently went to Fairhaven Nature and Wildlife reserve with some good friends. Whilst there I was practicing taken pictures of birds on feeders from a twitchers hut and one image I managed to capture was the one below of two different birds feeding on opposite sides of the feeder. I hope you enjoy;

SAM_0714 (2)

Clouds Daily Challenge

The prompt on the Daily Post blog today was Clouds something that I love in my photogrophy, they really can make the most plain scene come to life and look and look amazing.I also love leaning back in my wheelchair and just picturing what is above me. Two of my favourite images recently were these two; what I love about them (beside capturing a seagull purely by chance) is the difference in the clouds, the real dark storm clouds that are brewing with the glimpses of sunlight and blue skies creeping through

SAM_0379 (2)SAM_1449