Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge Week 34

Courtesy of crabbing in Walberswick I present for Cee’s odd ball challenge three images taken, one was my first photo of the day, even before taking one of my family or nieces, it was the quirky anchor shaped key holder inside the door of my brother’s holiday cottage that just begged me to take it’s photo, one of the crab salad I had for dinner, I don’t do food photo’s often but having been crabbing it was so vibrant, and my preferred entry which is looking down on to the top of a wooden sea defence groyne  and the beauty of how the grains of sand had blown across the tops to create the patterns, just screamed photo me, photo me. My camera battery had been used up so this image was captured on my Sony Ericsson smart phone.

SAM_3972 (2)DSC_0259DSC_0297


Cee’s Which Way Challenge

My brother stayed on Walberswick sea front over the bank holiday weekend and his view was off fishing boats and a pair of ferry row boats. The stairs up to their bed were perfect to form part of Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge as these beautiful oar inspired wooden alternating steps led to their bed.