Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Rocks

The current black and white challenge is Rocks instantly one image sprung to my mind as it is on a 70cm by 50cm canvas on our wall as a reminder of our honeymoon in Sri Lanka. It is of Sigiriya Rock (or Lion’s Rock) and what some call the 8th Wonder of the World. You can climb the Rock and there is a temple at the top. Unfortunately even back then my pain and disability was such that it was not feasible for me to climb it, which was a real heartbreak at the time for me, although not my wife as she dislikes height and you climb the outside of it some 660ft and 1200 steps. I have left one photo showing the colour of the trees all around and one the colours of the rock as it is spectacular.


Following on from this I was reminded of a day trip to Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK in 2014 when we took granny (now nearly 92) out for the last day trip we managed to get her out on. I got some lovely photos of the rock formations that form part of the sea defences.


Cee’s Which Way Challenge: July 27 2016

This is the first time I have put some photos in for the Which Way Challenge and although it is not a road I hope it can be allowed, having taken our LG for her first ever trip to the Cinema this week we stretched our legs and wheels out on a bridge just opposite the entrance to the pedestrianised area. I only had the camera on my Xperia XA phone but got two lovely images. The first was of the river meandering along with the Waterfront (the large red building on the right a favourite haunt of mine in my younger years, many a story to tell) and the riverside walk on the left side that is undergoing an accessibility study to enable disabled people to enjoy the views too.

DSC_0079 (2)

CFFC – Tracks and Trains

This week Cees fun foto challenge is all about Tracks and Trains  and that is good news for me, not because I am a train spotter but because in my town I have a couple of rail tracks that are accessible from one side at least so I have managed to get together a collection of images shot recently, along with a couple from holidays in the past. I hope you enjoy them, the first are of my home town Wymondham. Some of a stretch that is in use, but unfortunately due to the bridge being the only way across it is inaccessible to me, many other members of the community including parents with kids and pushchairs. The other is of a disused stretch in one direction and the other a steam railway that goes to Dereham (again inaccessible to wheelchair users, but overtime we will change these things I’m sure.

The next two images are of Sheringham Station and the Santa Express



As I read more blogs I pick up hints, tips and themes. Up until last week I’d never used the macro setting on my camera properly, now thanks to blogs like Maranto Photography running weekly competitions and ideas I see the world differently. Like this photographer the word jubilant conjures up images of bright colours. It always makes me think of walking into my wife’s grandparent’s back garden for the first time. The explosion of colour and more flowers than I’d ever seen. Her nan passed just over a year ago but the bright colour of flowers still reminds me of her and I recently took some macro setting shots of some of grandads handiwork this year. No idea what flowers they are, nor that images from a different angle could make the same flower look such a different colour.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – In the Distance

This weeks entry for Cee’s B & W Challenge in the Distance has been looked at time and again, changed decided on and changed again. So I’m not totally sure I am happy with it, but this is 2 photos from a recent trip to Whitlingham Broad to feed the birds.

The Daily Post Photo Challenge – Look Up

This weeks topic is Look Up and this fits nicely with a love I have of clouds and the sky, but unless like me you share that love the images will be a little boring, instead here’s some alternative entries

Migrating Birds flying in the profile of a bird (once in a lifetime shot)
SAM_1866 (2)
The Victorian ceiling inside Lowestoft Marina Theatre
Looking Up underneath the London Millennium Footbridge
The Rescue Helicopter recently coming to land near ours

The Daily Post, Weekly Photo Challenge – Opposites

The new Daily Post Weekly challenge was released yesterday and this week the theme is Opposites this has really had me scratching my head as it is such a wide topic. I have some great photo’s of contrasting skies and some from buildings with a mix of old architecture and new and then I remembered that we recently went to Fairhaven Nature and Wildlife reserve with some good friends. Whilst there I was practicing taken pictures of birds on feeders from a twitchers hut and one image I managed to capture was the one below of two different birds feeding on opposite sides of the feeder. I hope you enjoy;

SAM_0714 (2)

Partners – The ladies in my life

This weeks weekly photo challenge is Partners . In my life my strong family unit are my partners, this is my wife, son and daughter. With our son being 19 we rarely see him on family days out now as he is working full time (very proud of him) and spends his free time with his GF as we all did at that age. This means the days out tend to be with the beautiful ladies in my life. Not only is my wife my best friend and carer she also knows me better than I know myself sometimes. She works a very stressful job and looks after us all and I don’t always appreciate enough the strain she is under when my pain makes my mood unbearable and my body unable to do anything. What makes me really happy though is seeing her relax, unwind and de-stress, and she does this best when we escape home and just laugh, play and be silly. It is perhaps no surprise that our LG is a real mix of the both of us and hopefully this will set her in good standing for starting nursery school in a few months. In the meantime we are making the most of our family time together. So I leave you with my partners in crime;